As a reader of this article you are at a particular stage in your life. Maybe you are a teen who is in school or a middle aged adult who may be considering or is currently attending school. So your priorities will differ among our audience. 

As a young person you are trying to get a good start in life. College is a great choice. Take advantage of everything college has to offer. Create relationships with fellow students and teachers. A former college teacher called me at home and mentioned a job opportunity to me. It was a great job that lasted several years. Relationships are important in our current society. Relationships can help you and your peers achieve a variety of goals. 

Your goals reside in a variety of parts of your life whether its personal goals or professional goals to name a couple. It helps to write down your goals and steps to achieving them. Goals, Goals, Goals. Never stop setting goals. 

It’s important to prioritize your goals into short term and long term goals. Short term goals would include things like school assignments and daily tasks. Long term goals may be related to a job you are interested in. A goal setting plan helps to stay organized. 

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