Are you excited to be in college? You should be. We all have goals in life. Some of which include our career goals as well as personal goals like having a family. College is an important step in achieving those goals. Most of our courses in college prepare us for that career goal, one or two classes basically help you function in the modern world (like math and literature).

Clubs in school can be an extension of your academic schedule. Certain clubs can provide a more advanced or diverse knowledge of certain topics which the in-class experience may not be able to provide. So research the clubs on your campus. If a club is not offered then do some research online to see if there are organizations in other schools which you can bring to your campus. Many industries or career fields have specific clubs associated with them, and it may be up to you to bring it to your campus.

For self growth I would suggest spending some “Intellectual” time on the internet. Youtube offers more than just entertainment. It also provides many hours of training in multitudes of subjects. Also look for motivational videos that keep you energized about going to school. Spend time researching the career fields you are interested in. Metropolitan areas may have career related networking groups that you can connect with. A city chamber of commerce may be helpful or the public library. You can check with a college guidance counselor as well.

Be sure to balance school with life. Don’t stay up til 2am, get proper rest and nutrition.

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