Throughout school growing up we all had to take tests. College is no different. One difference between school and college is that you “chose” to go to college, whereas school was mandatory. So your interest in the classes should be different than what they may have been growing up.

One thing I witnessed in college was that several students would study together in groups. Usually in a group environment a person within the group may comprehend the subject moreso than others in the group. Conversely, one or two members may not comprehend as well. The group environment brings together the different levels of comprehension. Also, groups can foster brainstorming and opinions in various discussion or evaluations of subject matter.

With the invention and advancement of computers and the internet it brings more resources to students. One technology I used in college was an online study guide that accompanied the class. In that guide was a “Flash Card” study guide. It was a computer generated flash card system that helped you to memorize many key topics within the chapter. An option is to create handwritten flash cards.

Even for K-12 grades, the internet can provide a great deal of information for the student.

I would try to find classmates who would be interested in studying together. Make it enjoyable, study at a cafe that welcomes groups. I often visited Panera Bread when I was in college. They had wifi, and an environment that catered to peaceful studying. If you need to work alone and need to focus then a library may be well suited. Your home may not be the best place to study. A home can have a variety of distractions, depending on your environment.

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