There are some professions that can provide income as a self employed professional as well as working for a company. Self employment is an exciting experience. While in college if you are not already in a long term position you may want to look at self employment as an option. You can even do both in some cases. You can work 8-5 during the week for a company, then spend a little time in the evenings or weekends as self employed. In many cities there are resources to help you with that decision.

In community college in most cases you are provided with enough training to start your own business. With the entrance of crowdfunding platforms and other funding resources its easier to raise funding to help you invest in your own business. One suggestion would be to google “Business Plan”. There are resources to help you develop a plan for your business idea or venture. Being in school its a great time to do the research and preparations.

Self employment and traditional employment both have their own advantages. Self employment can require more effort in the beginning but once you are established it should become easier. Traditional employment allows you to work one position vs wearing all of the hats of a self employed company. Self employment can reward you more for the effort you put into it, vs being limited to a predetermined salary of a company. You can find several resources online to help you with your decision.

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