So you have made it to another year of school. If you are in community college you are either a first or second year student. You are just getting started or you are half way done. As a new student you may be learning the culture of college. If you are an extrovert you may be a social butterfly making new friends with other students. If you are the intellectual you may be spending all of your time in the books. As a senior in high school you may have organized a list of goals that includes a particular college degree.

Have you wondered if community college is better than university? Im sure they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for technical training in a skill then a community college may provide that better. At university you may not see your actual training til your sophomore or junior year, depending on the skill you are seeking.

I have been to both. I started in a community college and graduated. A few years later I continued my education at a 4 year college and graduated with a 4 year degree. A few years later I got my MBA at a local university.

Whatever your goals are there is usually more than one way to achieve it. I wish you much success in school. If you feel like quitting, or circumstances influence you to think about quitting school then respond to this blog. We can discuss solutions.

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