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Dear Student

We are here to help you succeed. This platform was designed specifically for you, community college students. This platform is used to raise funds for fuel costs associated with commuting to college. Your story/project/bio is an important document to write. I would suggest writing it offline and have a family member or peer to review it, if necessary. You will be communicating with a variety of people who are considering giving you funds for fuel, so you want it to be well thought.

Your project would discuss a variety of topics that describes your background. Describe your childhood, education, social life, clubs, sports, employment history, hobbies, volunteer work. These elements will all come together to tell contributors who you are. Finish your project talking about your future goals while in college and future employment goals. Thank visitors for reading your project. It is strongly suggested that you take a picture of your college registration or class schedule and upload to your project. This will tell contributors which college you are attending or the classes you are taking. Contributors may want to see evidence you are enrolled.

The purpose of this platform is to raise funds and convert those funds into a fuel card. The funds you raise will be released each month to help support you throughout the semester, rather than waiting til the end of the semester. When you receive the funds you will want to take the funds to the nearest fuel provider of your choice and get a fuel card. Take a picture of the fuel card and activation receipt and upload it to the "Project Updates" area. This will show the contributors that you followed thru with the process. (Click on Updates tab to see example.)

We wish you much success in college and your future career.

Update 1 or Date?

Dear Student

Use this area to upload your fuel card image. Also to tell the contributors about your ongoing accomplishments while in school.

College Name: Forsyth Technical Community College
College City, State: Winston-Salem, NC

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