What does your network look like? Who are your best friends, so-so friends, or acquaintances in your life?

The relationships you develop as a young adult can stay with you for a moment or for many years. This applies to you while in college or in your career. Social media allows you to stay in touch with people you meet, or who have come into your life at different times. You probably have friends in your social media from high school, a past job, church or social club. Its not about the quantity of people you meet, but rather the quality of the encounter.

Why do you meet people? That answer probably ranges from one reason to many others. If you are in college one suggestion is to meet people for mutual benefits. With the creation of websites like LinkedIn its easier to meet peers that have similar interests. You are probably in school to further your career opportunities, and sites like LinkedIn help you network with others. Sites like Meetup.com provides opportunities for like minded individuals to schedule meetings to share experiences and knowledge.

A friendship will probably grow between people who have similar interests or points of view. Its important that once you enter a friendship try not to strain it. Just chill out with each other and be diplomatic in your conversations. If you have to debate topics do so in a friendly way. Don’t try to convince a new friend to change their opinions or point of view. You need to build rapport and trust before negotiating important issues.

Be nice. Smile. Enjoy meeting others. If you are an introvert, its ok. It took me many years to open up and meet others. Going to networking events have helped me communicate more with others. Try school clubs that are related to your interests. Simple, passive exposure to other people can help.

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