This is the homepage you will see initially. The logo in the top left will bring you to this screen regardless of the page you are on.

About Us –  takes you to a brief summary about our services.
Discover – for Backers, this will provide a complete list of students whom they can choose.

Blog –  takes you to our Blog area.

Contact –  takes you to our contact page where you can communicate with us via a contact form.

Log In – once you Sign Up you will use this link to access your account.

Sign Up – use this link to create your account. Once it is created you will need to setup your Backer or Creator profile, depending on which type of participant you are. Creator is the student requesting funding. Backer is the generous contributor to the student’s fund.

For Backers, these 2 tabs “Featured” and “Recently Added” can quickly display a variety of students whom they can choose. “Discover” Link at top of page gives a complete list of students.

A brief description of students requests will appear under each tab. Click on their link to view the student’s info in more detail.

Why choose us? Provides brief description of our services.

Latest News – displays links to select articles from our Blog.

Connect with Us – provides a link to PlentiFund’s Facebook Page.

The Learn More link takes you to page to set up a Backer Profile.

The Footer to the site contains a variety of links for easy navigation.

The Discover page displays a list of students’ funding requests. We are creating Categories to help navigate the requests.

When you click on the Contact link it will bring you to our Contact page which contains a contact form. Please select a Topic that describes your communication. If unsure, select “General Inquiry”.

After you Sign Up you will use this screen to log in to your account.

This is the screen for creating your account.

This side navigation bar allows easy navigation to the various pages of the site.

The Top of your Account page looks like this. Display Name will appear on your account. Your email address will not appear to other users.

This next area allows you to insert bio information. A short description is all you need, as you will be describing yourself in more detail in your funding request. A bio is not needed if you choose to leave it blank. If someone is looking at students to fund, a short bio may be beneficial.

Company location – Students can put their school location here, City and State. Optional. Again it appears under student’s name on requests, so can be beneficial when supporters are reviewing requests.

Website URL – If you have a personal website or a link to a video about you this can be helpful. It will appear as a “Chain link” image by your name. Optional. Requires http:// or https:// in url.

Social media links are optional.

You can change your password information here when you need to.

Order History – For Backers this screen will tell you about your transaction.

Backer Profile – For Backers this screen will give you basic bio info about your profile.

Creator Profile – For creators this page will give you bio info and your request name and link.

Creator Settings – as a Creator/Student this is access to your payment settings.

Create Project

Project Title – Give a short description of who you are. Idea may be your major and state you are located in to help Backer find you easier.


Project Category – find a category that matches your request.

Start Date will be the date of creation.

End Date – enter the date of the last day of the semester.

SELECT “Expires on End Date”

Project Short Description displays on list screen of requests under request title.

Project Video can be a link to your Youtube video promoting your request.

Project Long Description is your story about you. You can add a picture with the story.

Project FAQ is a short description about you. It will appear under a FAQ tab when Backers are looking at students. You can add a picture.

Featured Image appears at top of project in list view and on its main page.

Project Reward Levels – this is not a reward platform. Rewards will not be offered to Backers. Many students are not able to afford rewards. Your generosity and understanding is very appreciated.
Number of Levels – leave it set on 1.

Level Title – student may enter a statement of gratitude…”Thank you for your support. or other short note.”

Level Price – leave at 0.

Level Limit – Leave at 0.

Level Fund Type – Leave at “Immediately Deliver Funds”. We feel that a student being currently enrolled needs the funding as they proceed thru the semester.

Level Description – leave blank.

Level Long Description – leave blank.

Select Publish to submit your request. It should appear soon after submitting.

This page will appear when you select “GET FUNDED” on homepage. Select “Create a Student Profile” to enter your profile information.

This page will appear when you select “BACK OTHERS” on homepage. Select “Create a Backer Profile” to enter your profile information.

Creator Settings Image:

If you are a student you will need to setup your payment processor to receive funds into your bank account. Stripe is used for payment processing, similar to PayPal. You will need your bank Routing Number and Checking Account number, similar to setting up Direct Deposit at your job.

Stripe Button Image:

Click on the “Connect with Stripe” button to setup your Stripe account. This button will take you to the Stripe website.

Please review this video to help you setup your Stripe account. After the Stripe account is setup select the Submit button.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!