An Entrepreneur is an individual who enjoys brainstorming about business ideas and acting on them. We all have talents that we enjoy using. My first business was a graphic design and web design business. I had several years of experience as a designer, plus I had a computer at home. So I created my own design business and started providing design services to various companies. Another skill I had was tennis. I had played in high school and later in the community. I had developed my skill well enough that I was able to teach others how to play. Today, I am focused on helping fellow college students afford to go to school. I have a degree in business (MBA), and with the knowledge I gained in school I was able to create a business plan for PlentiFund and make it a reality.

We all come from various backgrounds. One suggestion is to sit down and write a list of your experiences. Identify the experiences you enjoyed most and that you were pretty good at doing. Go online and research information about those experiences. Odds are, other people are already doing what you may be considering. Thats ok, there is always room for one more. I wasn’t the only designer or tennis coach in my area. An important step in the process is knowing how to promote yourself. With social media its gotten easier to promote yourself locally or further away. A valuable tool to have while thinking of creating a business is the business plan. There are websites that can help you develop your plan. Don’t worry about completing it the first time you try writing it. There are unknown factors about business until you get started, and then they start becoming known. Its not uncommon to rewrite the plan as you progress thru starting your business. Once you get started you will want to get some business cards to share with people you meet. One suggestion is to go to business development events in your area. I think in recent years more business support organizations have appeared on the scene that help startup companies get started. Network with fellow professionals as well as professionals in other industries. You never know when you may need help from others.

One exciting event that is happening more often are business incubators. These are events that help local startup businesses develop. If you live in a rural area then you may be able to develop a service that is needed by many people around you. You could be in great demand. Take a look at the businesses that exist already and see if you can find a way to compete effectively or perhaps provide a service to them.

Don’t be afraid to try. Its an exciting experience to think of a new business. Go for it!

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